A FIRST LEGO Robotics Team

Our Team Shirts are Famous


When we designed our Team shirts we wanted to do something different so we came up with our "Top 10 (+1) Things Heard at a Team Meeting".

  Everyone contributed to and agreed on the list.  Everywhere we go people read our shirts and ask about FIRST LEGO League and the "Power Puzzle" season.  Read the list and then look below for the explanation of each item.



At A Team Meeting



2.  Check the back wheel!

3. Are the brownies done yet?

4. Are there any more pink bricks?

5.   Please put down the rubber bands before someone gets hurt!

6. If you replace that incandescent bulb with a compact florescent bulb you will save 75% more electricity.

7.   Time to watch AVATAR!

8.   Would you please reset the Corn and Uranium mission?


10.  Go, Go, Power Rangers!


11. My sweatshirt gives me Super-Strength!


#1 this is something we all say when we solve a problem or complete a mission.

#2  Before we replaced the back wheel with a slider we would always have to check the alignment to make sure that the robot did not go off course. 

 #3 Our coach would bribe us with freshly baked brownies.  One day when were not working hard enough she teased us by saying that we could not have the brownies until we completed the mission were were working on.

#4 Elizabeth always wanted more pink bricks.  She thought that the attachments needed to look pretty.

#5 One day the boys ( Dan, Drew, Cameron, Thomas and Matthew )  decided to have a battle in the basement with the LEGO rubber bands and LEGO bricks.  They thought it was a great idea and had a lot of fun.  Our coach was not happy.

#6 Matthew would say this ALL THE TIME.  Almost all of the bulbs in our house are now CPL's.

#7 We LOVE the televison show "Avatar".  It is the offical TV show of the Fossil Fuel Fighters.  We often watch it while we are eatting the offical snack food.

#8 We had a lot of trouble with this mission and Julie ran it constantly.  She said this over and over and over.

#9 This is our team cheer.  Click on the Robot page to see why we call him "Chuck the Fluffy Robot".

#10  Kayla says this alot.  We are not sure why but it makes her happy.

# 11 Drew likes his sweatshirt.