A FIRST LEGO Robotics Team

Gracious Professionalism


The following words are copied from page 3 of the 2007 FLL "Power Puzzle" Challenge Coaches Handbook.  

Gracious Professionalism

Dr. Woodie Flowers, National Advisor for FIRST, speaks about gracious

professionalism in this way: “The FIRST spirit encourages doing high-quality,

well-informed work in a manner that leaves everyone feeling valued. Gracious

professionalism seems to be a good descriptor for part of the ethos of FIRST.

It is part of what makes FIRST different and wonderful.

Gracious professionalism can and should mean different things to

each of us. It is possible, however, to outline some of its meanings:

Gracious attitudes and behaviors are “win-win.”

Gracious folks respect others and let that respect

show in their actions.

Gracious professionals make a valued contribution in a

manner pleasing to others and to themselves as they

possess special knowledge and are trusted by society

to use that knowledge responsibly.

In the long run, gracious professionalism is part of pursuing a

meaningful life. One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of

knowing that you have acted with integrity and sensitivity. That’s good stuff!”

FLL is a child-centered activity and is about giving children a unique

and stimulating experience. We want them to learn the value of teamwork

and to respect everyone’s ideas and contributions to the team. FLL values

are about appreciating our differences and learning what those differences

add to our lives. FLL succeeds most fully when team members bring the

FLL values they learn back to their communities.